Moshi Mousebirds

moshi-mousebirdsLast weekend on 9th & 10th May, the only Moshi birding group, called the ‘Moshi Mousebirds’ registered to join the first big Arusha Birding Day of 24-hour bird spotting in a radius surrounding both big mountains as well as the Rift Valley including Manyara National Park. 2 PYP students from International School Moshi joined the Moshi group as well as two parents. Willem & Donyo were the youngest birders of 120 individuals. The Moshi Mousebirds came 13th of 20 teams and registered 163 bird species in 24 hours.
As their birding prof. Phil Stouffer commented: “200 is in reach when Donyo and Willem get a handle on voices for some sneaky birds (and when we find a firefinch and mannikin). Even so, we hung with some folks who do this for a living, so well done!”.

(Bron: ISM News 17 mei 2015)

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