Hieronder vind je digitale versies van onze nieuwsbrieven. Fidesco Nederland, de stichting die ons werk en verblijf hier ondersteunt, verstuurt deze nieuwsbrieven periodiek naar onze donateurs. In de nieuwsbrief hebben we meer ruimte om in te gaan op ons werk hier in Moshi, en komen ook de kinderen zélf aan het woord! Wil je de papieren nieuwsbrief ook ontvangen, neem dan contact op met Fidesco.

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  1. Dear Marieke,

    My name is Barbara Krukowska-Andrzejczyk, I’m from Poladn and I work in Paediatric Hospital in Katowice with dr Maria Kalina, she is my supervisor in paediatric treaning. She told me about you and your work. I’m during my paediatrics study and in the future I would like to be paediatic neurologist like you. Actually I’m pregnant with my 4 th baby and I thougt to go to Holand for 2 or 3 weeks during my maternity leave to see how does Chlid Neurology Departament looks like and to gain some experience. Of course I would go with my family. Could you write me wich hopital shoul I choose and is it possible?
    Fact that you are with your all family in Tanzania is very impressive. I also wanted to go to Africa for mission but It’s seems so dificult for me with chldren. You show me that it doesn’t have to be imposible. Mayby in the future I can also go with my family to Africa for couple of years.
    I would be very appreciate for any help.

    Best wishes

    Greetings from dr Maria Kalina

    1. Dear Basia (like dr Maja’s sister who has the same name!) It is so heartwarmingly nice to hear from you and the fact that your colleague Maja mentioned me. Maja is a dear friend and colleague whom I have not seen for far too long, I beg you to convey our greetings and a very big hug to her!
      We came here with 6 children of whom 1 baby and a toddler, and Africa is a great place for children to grow up. Don’t let it stop you! Since you may be interested in a mission through a catholic organisation, you may very well be able to get something arranged through Fidesco International which also, I know, works in Poland. If you want to get in touch with someone I can get you linked up with the Dutch Fidesco PR person, just let me know!
      All the best, keep me posted and good luck with your family! I wish you health and courage, and come to Africa as we do need doctors in pediatric neurology here!!

      1. Dear Marieke,
        Thank You for your answer. It inspired me and my husband to going to Africa. Because of my pregnancy I will pass my paeditrics exam in autumn 2017 so we can go for about 2,5 year. I already check polish Fidesco website and I’m going to write them. I have also few more questions for You.
        How long are You going to stay in Africa and is it possible for us to join you in Tanzania of course with polish Fidesco?
        What about diseases, like malaria, how do you protect your children, is it possible? I know that many of missionaries suffer from malaria if they are longer in Africa.
        What about school? My children are now 10, 8, 4 and 0 year old so if we go for 2 years they will have to go to school.
        Greetings from Poland

  2. Lieve lieve lieve lieve stoere Marieke!!!

    Ik hoop dat je dit bericht leest!Mijn god wat vind ik je stoer!!!!
    Kan je mij svp laten weten hoe ik je kan bereiken. Ik heb je naam doorgegeven aan de Frans Seda Foundation en die willen je wellicht uitnodigen voor een seminar (als de patiënten je kunnen missen?), please let me know, dikke dikke zoen, Naomi!

    1. Ha lieve Naomi!! Sorry dat ik even op me liet wachten maar ik zit nu in Burundi, en jij weet hoe dat kan gaan met reizen in Afrika… Wat leuk om van jou te horen! Ik schrijf je even een gewoon mailtje. Zie je inbox!xx

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